Pixel Wizard LLC
Pixel Grid Systems for Information Management and Content Delivery

Pixel Wizard L.L.C. (PxW) specializes in the design and operation of geotagging and online systems for the management and delivery of digital content.

Pixel Wizard, L.L.C. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Project Navigator, Ltd.®

Our systems are presently being used by Fortune 500 companies to manage, track and file digital information at major design and construction projects. The utility of a system can be tested by clicking some of the adjacent links.

Our growth plan further anticipates the use of PxW systems for the management and online delivery of business descriptive information in the mainstream consumer marketplace. An example is the online viewing of geospatially located video, which, for example, may describe a small consumer business, such as a restaurant (see our Digital CityWalk system).

PxW has a variety of platforms under development for use in the general consumer marketplace. Some are scheduled for release in 2009, and are listed opposite.

Ian Webster, Sc.D. at 714-388-1800

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